Get The Darkest Deepest Green Lawn You’ll Ever Have

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Our compost top dressing plus multi step process is the winning combination your lawn needs to be the best it can.

If your lawn is in need of an upgrade and you want only the best team, products and knowledge on your lawn. Fill out the form below to have a free onsite analysis done and quote provided by one of our university trained and field experienced field managers. There hasn't been a lawn out there that we haven’t been able to tackle yet.

Lawn that has been top dressed in Atlanta


Before & After our top dressing service


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Why Does My Lawn Need Top Dressing?

Here in Georgia we are blessed to have some of the best soil for building houses on, companies even make building materials out of our clay. Georgia clay is a great insulator but a horrible soil by itself, especially when the topsoil is scraped off to get a good foundation for homes. The roots have a hard time growing deep, moisture can’t get in and if it does it has a hard time going anywhere which creates a good environment for disease.

How The Clay Puts The Squeeze On Your Grass

The Clay compacts very easy like two plates being stacked on top of each where there is very little room for anything to get out. This squeezing action is what blocks out nutrients, moisture, oxygen and roots being able to penetrate and makes for a very weak plant.

How Our Compost Mix Helps Your Grass Out Of A Jam

By adding compost and other amendments to your soil we are placing a ball in between the two plates of clay and now all the important things that a plant needs to grow thick and healthy are easily accessible to the plant and can move freely to where they are needed most. 

Our unique process of how we layer our compost mix into the soil means that your lawn will benefit from the root to the tip of the grass blade. This is the closest thing that you can get to having your lawn go under the same process that top golf courses use to get deep roots on their golf greens.

The key for a successful compost application is to get the material down to the root system of the plant and into the aeration holes so that the material can get down to the root system of the plant and can actually use the nutrients correctly. The compost gets blended into the soil instead of two distinct layers where the material is not doing very much at all, but looks pretty on top.

Benefits Of  Having Your Lawn Top Dressed:


  • Spend Less On Chemicals -Healthier grass equals better  disease & pest prevention

  • Offset Carbon emissions – of a typical family of four for up to a year. *

  • Save Money Watering -Better water absorption from deeper roots

  • Thicker Green Grass – Deeper grass roots makes your lawn thicker and greener for longer periods of time. 

  • Family & Pet Friendly – Safer alternative for those who are conscious of chemicals being used on their lawns. 

  • Help Smooth Out Imperfections and Rough Spots In The Lawn – Top dressing wont take care of bad root spots or really uneven lawns but it will help smooth out many bumps and uneven places so that a residential reel mower can mow properly. We are putting out 1/4″-1/2″ of material per 1,000 sq ft on a lawn. If the bumps are higher or lower than this your lawn may need to be top dressed multiple times over a couple seasons to really get the lawn in the right shape. Too much material at one time will smother the lawn. 


Horizons of Soil

The different layers that are supposed to be in a soil profile.

Before aeration this is how the aeration plugs can look on really bad lawns.

Core aeration Cumming Ga
cam shaft aerator

Inside view of one of the camshaft aerators we use for topdressing.

cam shaft aerator

One of the aerators that we use in the topdressing process.


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Is Every Lawn Treated With The Same Topdressing Mix?

Your lawn is different and we treat it that way. Your hair isn’t cut the same way as your spouse so why should your lawn be treated the same way as your neighbors. We dial in the exact amounts of nutrients your lawn needs and custom mix every batch of our compost topdressing mix for each and every lawn we do. For instance some lawns are high in Magnesium while others are almost devoid of it. If we were to put the same mix on all lawns we would overload one lawn and make the other only meet the minimum nutrient level. It is for this reason every lawn gets a custom mix of exactly what it needs. You are paying for a job done right not just some dirt or sand thrown on your lawn. 


There are multiple steps to our compost package and they all play an integral part to getting a thorough job done correctly. 

In depth Soil Analysis:

  • where we find out what your soil is lacking and add these mixing nutrients to the compost mix. So that your soil will have the best possible foundation for your lawn.
  • Our in depth soil test goes over all facets tells us exactly what is going on with your soil and what needs to be fixed.

Complete Coverage Aeration:

Do you know that hard spot in your lawn that never looks good and alway try to get the aeration guy to go over a couple more times or give it a little extra? I do, I had one in my yard that they never seem to get good enough, we aerate those hard spots so many times it will be one of the softest spot in your yard from now on, there is no one or two past description on our aeration process when it comes to aerating for compost, we demolish the yard to get as much compost into the root system as possible in as many layers as possible without tearing up your whole lawn and starting over with new sod you will never have another aeration like the one that gets done with this job. 

Spreading Compost:

We use a specialized top dressing machine to get the mix down in the best possible manor. If there are areas that our machine can not get into we will use a pitch fork and shovel. 

Dragging Mixture:

When the top dressing mix is all on top of the ground it looks nice and pretty but thats not the best place for the plant roots to get to it at. Once the ground has been aerated and mix spread we use a drag mat like the ones found on golf courses and baseball fields to ensure that as much of the mix gets as close to the roots as possible.


With most top dressing companies they stop after aerating and dragging your lawn once. 


We keep going on the aeration and dragging process until the compost mix is thoroughly mixed into the existing soil and into the aeration holes as best as possible. It is during this time that we will also add additional amendments if needed. This is done to ensure we do not lock up certain nutrients by combining everything in the same space directly touching. We do not stop re-aerating and re-dragging your lawn until we are completely satisfied it is as good as it is going to get. 


Process of aeration, compost top dressing, nutrients amendments, aeration, dragging compost into aeration holes, aeration and final drag mat application.



Our compost top dressing mix is a proprietary blend of sand, compost, charcoal, biostimulants ,amendments and beneficial microbes. We have consulted with soil scientists and worked countless hours to get the mix to the optimum amounts. 

2 Types Of Carbon

  • Most compost mixes or topsoil mixes just have one type of carbon, that breaks down quickly and the level of organic matter in your soil can go back to near what it was in the beginning. Our mix has both compostable and long lasting charcoal which will build and continue to hold your soil together for thousands of years. 

3 Types Of Lime

  • depending on your lawn’s requirements we apply three types of limestone to hit every aspect of the pH of your soil and magnesium and calcium requirements

3 Different Types Of Nitrogen – Greenest Lawn Possible

There are multiple ways to get a green lawn and lot of them have to do with nitrogen as it is one of the main sources of plant nutrition. The problem is most only apply one type of nitrogen that will either take too long for proper green up but will add longevity to the grass or fast release nitrogen that provides an amazing green but is not sustainable long-term. With this compost mix we are able to apply the best of both worlds and get the greenest grass possible.

Soil Amendments – Add Nutrients & Help Retain Moisture

  • Gypsum – Reduces the chance of aluminum toxicity, which is often found in acidic soils. Improves soil structure and soil flocculation. Reduces chemical and nutrient runoff.
  • Sphagnum Moss – Increases moisture and nutrient absorption. Extends longevity of compost in soil.
  • Moisture Managing Polymers – These special polymers hold onto water and then deliver it to the plant when it is needed most. If used at the right levels these can be a real help in keeping a more controlled moisture content in the soil.
  • Humus – Increases the soil’s cation exchange capacity,
  • Green Sand – Breaks up clay molecules
  • Fast Acting Lime – Brings the pH into range within days and weeks vs multiple months.

Biostimulants – Steroids For Your Plants 

  • Seaweed and Kelp – Promotes root growth and immune boosting properties.
  • Humic Acid – Helps unlock nutrients .
  • Fulvic Acid – Binds to locked up nutrients.
  • Yucca – Natural wetting agent and soil manager.
  • Alfalfa Derived Triacontanol – Boost in plant growth hormones.
  • Amino Acids – Helps build necessary components for strong defenses.
  • B Vitamins – Helps plants immune system bulk up against exterior stresses.
  • Complex and Simple Sugars – Helps feed soil microbes and carbohydrate reserves.
  • Proteins – Building blocks for soil structure and plants.

Beneficial Bacteria & Fungi

We have over 50 bacteria and fungi types that help the plant roots improve the soil and make nutrients more available to the plant easier uptake and help with moisture uptake. Through extensive research and testing we have created a combo that has  synergistic effect between certain types of fungi and bacteria that will really make your lawn grow.

Specialized Grub Control – We use specialized bacteria to keep lawn root eating grubs at bay for years to come.

Make  Their Own Fertilizer – Special strains of bacteria that help feed the lawn on and on.

Extend Roots 10-100 Times – These different microbes extend the grass roots to reach more than some tree roots.




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With the use of charcoal and compost the Amazon indian tribes took their soils from some of the worst in the world to some of the best.

How much of a difference certain microbes can make to a plants root system. Courtesy of

Alpharetta ga lawn fescue lawn that was overseeded
topdressed lawn

Some of our compost topdressing mix in the mixing process


This is a popular type mix used by many other companies and is effective at leveling a lawn but does not provide the same level of organic matter and nutrient correcting properties that our mix provides. The mix we use today is a frankenstein mixture of these type mixes. Our mix does have some sand in it but it is not the main component like a lot of the other mixes out there. 


core aeration forsyth county
Cumming Lawn Treatment
Cumming top dressing
core aeration forsyth county
Cumming Lawn Treatment
core aeration forsyth county
core aeration forsyth county
Cumming Lawn Treatment

Field Study Of Our Lawn Dressing Process In Action.

This was a field study done on poa annua a common short root annual grass found in Georgia in the winter. 


If there are large or extremely bumpy spots in your lawn it will require more than just the normal amount of mix. If you would like for us to take care of these issues on your lawn for an extra charge, please let us know.


If your lawn is in need of an upgrade and you want only the best team, products and knowledge on your lawn fill out the form below to have a free quote provided by one of our university trained and field experienced field managers. There isn’t a lawn out there that we haven’t been able to tackle yet. 


Cites and Communities We Service: Ball Ground, Cumming, Dawsonville, Canton, Alpharetta,Nelson, Marble Hill, Buford, Tate, Suwanee, Gainesville, Oakwood, Flowery Branch, Duluth, Jasper, Woodstock, Roswell, Dahlonega, Dunwoody, Peachtree Corners, Duluth, Milton, Sandy Springs, Buckhead, Lawrenceville, Lilburn, Norcross


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