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We are now taking orders for aeration and overseeding. Please fill out the form to the right if you would like for Georgia Lawn to get you on our aeration and overseeding list. If you are looking for full lawn renovation, compost package or seeding a new lawn from nothing tell us in the "your message" as these will need different quotes than regular fescue packages.

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How Tall Does My Grass Need To Be Before Its Aerated?

If possible cut your fescue down to around 1 inch finish cut height or at the most below 2 inches. If this is not done you will still get a good aeration and overseeding done on your yard it will just be harder to cut after you wait a couple weeks after the seed comes up to cut.

“>How Much Should I Water Before The Overseeding and Aeration Is Done?

We have found a hour of water per sprinkler zone the NIGHT BEFORE has given the best results. Please DO NOT WATER THE MORNING OR DAY OF. WE WILL NOT AERATE YOUR LAWN. Whenever homeowners water the lawn the day of aeration all it causes is mud and ruts. We do not use a old style walk behind aerator, ours is of much heavier duty and will rut the lawn. We are not responsible for ruts or muddy messes from customers who do not follow these instructions.



How Long Before I See Grass Seed Growing In My Lawn?

This will depend on temperature and moisture during the first couple days of the seeds life on your lawn, normal fescue seed germination time. It is 14 to 21 days. Often times you’ll see patches of fescue growing in thick in one spot and then sparse and some other areas and when you come back a month later it has all filled in nice and even this is all just due to variances in the soil profile and the moisture content of the soil. If you see grass growing within 3 to 7 days that is usually annual bluegrass or annual ryegrass coming in. Do not be alarmed if it is two weeks and you have seen no grass come up. If after a month there is zero seed germination that is the time to start looking at whether or not a pre-emergent such as hey crabgrass preventer her or weed and feed product has been put down prior to the seed being laid down.

Should I put straw on my yard after I over seed?

Unless the area is a real threat for washing out or on a steep incline we do not recommend stroll. The reason being often times there is seed still in the straw and you get hay that comes with the straw. And also it is often not placed properly and suffocates the fescue from coming up. For the hassle price and time to put it out we do not see a good return.

Will A Frost Or A Freeze Kill My Fescue?

No it will just slow the germination time down considerably call, sometimes the seed will actually go dormant and tell the temperatures rise high enough in the early spring for it to resume termination this is called dormant seeding.

Cumming fescue lawn that was recently overseededWhen Is My New Seed Ready To Be Cut For The First Time?

Your new seed is ready to be cut when the new grass is about 3 inches tall not when the old grass is 3 inches tall. This is a common misconception that makes a lot of people’s new lawns look horrible because they just mowed up all of their new seed that had a small root system that could not hold its place over the suction of the mower. It can’t be hard to tell between the new grass and the old grass but the best way to tell is by the size of the leaf blade if it is like a needle it is new grass coming up if it is wide and flat it is a mature leaf blade from my plant that is already established. Wait till the new grass is 3 inches to cut.

What height should I cut my grass the first time?

The first couple times you cut your lawn if possible cut it at least 3 1/2 inches tall if not more. Cutting any lower than this will stress the fescue out and curb the new seeds root system prematurely. Going forward you will want to cut the lawn at least 3 inches every week

Why Is The New Grass Not Coming In All At Once?

Some areas in the soil are warmer than others and are a better fit for the fescue seed to germinate in. This is not a concern in the long term as Long as the proper procedures of watering aerating seating rate and fertilization rate have been properly practiced.

Why Did My New Lawn Die After A Couple Of Weeks?

We often see this from people trying to put down more seed than is needed and delete lawn not being able to sustain all of the seeds root systems it is called overcrowding and what ends up happening is almost all of the grass dies because none of it has a good root system. This is usually from homeowner application.

fescue lawn fertilization CummingAERATION QUESTIONS

How Much Does It Normally Cost To Have My Yard Aerated?

The price of aeration really all depends on the square feet of your lawn. We measure your property and then give you a price based off of that. We use a satellite-based program to measure the lawn area accurately and we are able to provide you a quick estimate this way. We do not provide estimates by coming out to your property and walking the property.

fescue lawn treatment cummingDo I Have To Be Home When You Aerate My Lawn?

No you do not have to be there we try and have everything set up the day before at least, with items marked payment excepted and route made.

Does Aeration And Overseeding Work For New Lawn Areas or Bare Dirt?

Yes it is very good for this along with having the soil dragged with either a drag Matt rug or old push broom that can lightly cover of the Seed bed with a thin layer of soil and we recommend this more so than straw.

How Often Should Aerating Be Done?

This depends on how much your yard is being used and abused often times once every fall works just fine for those who are trying to get their lawn to establish more rapidly once in the spring and once in the fall word of caution with having fescue aerated in the spring is that there is no pre-emergent put down to stop all of the summer annuals from coming up like crabgrass and other common weeds. If you are starting from nothing in the spring this is a better alternative then no grass at all and having it aerated in the spring and then again in the fall will usually get you on track to have it just aerated and over seeded once in the fall every year after that.

How Long With This Whole Aerating My Lawn Thing Take?

It really depends on your property size but for the most part anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour depending on if you only get air ration or if you get the full package or if you just get seed etc. the compost packages however will take multiple hours.

What Type Of Aeration Machine Does Georgia Lawn Use?

We use a core aeration type machine that is capable of pushing 1200 pounds of down force into the soil to pull a good plug. The size of the plug is dependent on the soil type and moisture content.  If there is too much moisture in the ground it will just be mush and if there is not enough it will just be hard compacted ground. Please DO NOT WATER YOUR LAWN THE MORNING OF OR FOR HOURS THE NIGHT BEFORE. WE WILL NOT AERATE YOUR LAWN. The only thing that excess watering causes is more compaction and a big muddy rutted out mess. We are not responsible for ruts from over watered lawns.

SEEDING QUESTIONSaerated and overseeded fescue lawn in roswell,ga

What Type Of Seed Do You Use?

We use a blend of different fescue varieties that are able to withstand Georgia summers better and is more disease resistant to brown patch, better darker color and more drought tolerant. Each year we pick the top variety that passes the end tap results for Our region.

What Fescue Seeding and Overseeding Rate Is Good For My Lawn?

If you are over seeding a fescue lawn then the best rate of speed is going to be in the 3 to 5 pound range per thousand if you are seating a lawn from scratch a good range is 8 to 10.

What Type Of Grass Is Best To Seed My Yard With?

The type of fescue seed the Georgia lawn uses is a turf type tall fescue blend of the best suited fescue types that have been proven to be better disease-resistant drought tolerant and darker in color and all-around best suited for Georgia weather and conditions.

overseeded fescue lawn in roswellWhat Is The Best Time To Aerate and Overseed My Fescue?

The best time to have your fescue aerated is going to be in the fall when soil and air temperatures drop down to the correct temperature range for the fescue seed to germinate. This range of temperatures is normally between September and October.

Is Fall Or Spring The Best Time To Seed My Lawn?

Fall is generally the best time of year to seed your lawn as it has all winter and spring to establish deep roots. If you must go with the spring do so earlier than later. This will help your lawn to deal with some of the summer stress better.

Can I Overseed With A Different Type Of Grass Seed Over My Fescue?

If you are trying to transition your fescue to a warm season grass like Bermuda or centipede and the lawn is in a funny position yes you can oversee a fescue lawn with Bermuda or centipede as long as the can distance of the site where it will be growing are good enough. This must be done in the spring /Early summer so that the lawn has enough time to come in properly before winter hits and destroys the fragile root system

Will My Fescue Seed Itself?Alpharetta ga lawn fescue lawn that was overseeded

For your tall fescue to get up to a height that will see you did it sell for you not to have to oversee it it is not an acceptable cutting height for your mower and be seeding is very sporadic.



What Forms Of Payment is available?

We accept credit card and it is ran the day before service is performed. A lot of time and effort goes into getting your property ready for us to aerate including calling call before you dig getting you on the route schedule measuring your property and entering you into the system, when we used to take check sometimes it would be up to three times that we would have to keep going back to the property to receive a check and then perform the work. This is both costly for the customer and us.

How Do You Know How Big My Yard Is?

We have software that is capable of measuring your lawn dimensions accurately via satellite.

Will You Come Look At My Lawn To Measure It If I Don’t Want A Satellite Quote?

With all of the hustle and bustle of overseeding season we are unable to accommodate these requests. There is only a certain time window that is optimal for aerating and overseeding fescue in Atlanta and we need to make the most of it.


Does My Lawn Need Any Other Things Besides Grass Seed And Aeration To Grow?Fescue grass lawn in Marietta

This can depend on a couple of things, one if your lawn has been properly maintained by another lawn treatment company then more than likely it will not need starter fertilizer as they usually put this out for their fall fest you around. It may need lime depending on your soil pH. You may need to fix your soil profile with the addition of organic matter such as A quality compost that needs to be aerated into the ground then seeded on top of to get the best results, this will not only help with your seed initially to come in it will help your lawn deal with the summer heat and drought better.

What Type Of Lime Do You Use?

We use a fast acting lime that gets into the soil and starts working in a matter of weeks versus a matter of months it is high in calcium carbonate and has humic acid’s to help buffer the pH as well.

What Type Of Fertilizer Do You Put On My Lawn?

We use an organic-based starter fertilizer that has all of the necessary nutrients to build a good start for your seed.

Are The Products You Use Safe For Me and My Family?

Yes, we try and use as safe of products as we can for both your family and our technicians. Even the chemicals that we use on our lawn care program are the lowest rated level of harm to humans.


Areas That We Offer This Service To:

Cumming, Canton, Alpharetta, Suwanee, Duluth, Roswell, Buford, North Metro, Woodstock, Ball Ground, Atlanta, Norcross, Lawrenceville, Holly Springs, Flowery Branch, Nelson, Marietta, Oakwood, Gainesville, Lilburn, Tate, Marietta , Holly Springs, Canton, Kennesaw, Acworth, Peachtree Corners, Dahlonega, Dawsonville



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