Customer Referrals

Pick An Option


  • 1 referral = 1 free lawn treatment credited to your account.
  • There is no limit to how many lawn care credits you can receive. For example one customer referred 25 people from a neighborhood newsletter and now has free lawn care for the next 3+ years. 


  • For every new lawn care referral signed up you receive 2,500 sq ft of Free Aeration. For example if you were to refer 4 new lawn care signups you would qualify for  10,000 square feet of aeration. This can go towards a double pass of a 5,000 square foot lawn OR a single pass of a 10,000 square foot lawn. 
  • There is also a milestone of 10 lawn care referrals where you will receive a free compost topdressing package of up to 5,000 square feet. (includes topdressing and aeration and fertilizer) as an option instead of the prior ones.
  • There is also a milestone at 20 lawn care referrals where you will receive a free compost topdressing package of up to 10,000 square feet. (includes topdressing and aeration and fertilizer) as an option instead of the prior ones.


Each referral must meet the posted guidelines.

  • Referring Customer must give your name or customer # at time of signing up to receive credit. EX: "Tiger Woodz posted on the neighborhood newsletter." = Good                  " I heard some people are getting this deal" = Bad/No referral. 
  • Referred customer is considered "referred" when they sign up for actual service and at least one treatment has been performed. Just submitting a quote form does not qualify as a referral. 
  • Once a customer has been referred they can not be re-referred by another person.
  • Referral benefits are credited to your account and cannot be redeemed for actual cash value. 
  • Referrals are used up yearly and the only exceptions are for instances where the amount of people referred is more than treatments left in a year (prepays and high referral rates). At that point they would carry over to the next year and be used up then. 
  • Once a credit has been used it can not be undone or credited for another service. EX. if a credit is used for a free lawn care treatment it can not be used toward a topdressing or aeration credit.


​We are offering a FREE LIME application to new lawn care signups as an incentive for them (yours is already included). You can put this along with this link in any thing you put out.

​Sample Message that people have used:

Hey guys, my lawn care company is offering this pre-season deal right now, FREE LIME APP with Lawn Care Sign Up. ​Go to and tell them I sent you to get the deal.

These are a couple ways people have gotten people to sign up.

  • Post on their personal Facebook page
  • Post on their neighborhood Facebook group
  • Friends and Family
  • Neighborhood email list or newsletter
  • Apps like,