Grayson lawn care

very lawn has its own issues and each one needs its own solution

When you call us with your Atlanta needs for lawn care. One of our seasoned technicians will take care of your lawn by applying a custom blend of weed control and fertilizer that both kills weeds and feeds the grass. A targeted application with these products by sprayer or spreader will ensure full and complete coverage. After just 30 minutes from this application, it will be safe for all pets and household residents to come outside and play.

We will also look for insect, disease or other types of damage and depending on the type of treatment schedule you have. We will either go ahead and take care of problem or notify you that it is present and offer the service at an extra charge. We will offer the service at an extra charge or just treat the issue right then and there. If your technician sees any problem areas such as breeding grounds for pests they will offer you suggestions to prevent or fix these problems from spreading. At the end of this treatment, these and other notes will be placed on a special door hanger post-treatment. Our team will come back to your yard once every four to 8 weeks depending on the treatment program you are signed up for.

Every one of the chemicals we use is hand picked for safety and effectiveness. More is not better and we only apply the amount of chemical needed to get the job done. Chemicals are our last resort and if there is another cost effective way of fixing the problem we will let you know. For example teaching a client proper mowing technique can very dramatically improve grass health and will ward off infestations much better. Making just this one simple change can save the customer lots of money and the environment from careless chemical applications.

A day or two before your treatment we will notify you by email of any things to be aware of like length of time to stay off the lawn, to water or not etc. Besides locked gates or animals in the lawn our trained technicians will perform your treatment quickly and correctly whether you are home or not.

The invoice blowing away on the door, check not being entered correctly or arguing over invoices you know you’ve already paid are big hassles with most lawn care companies. Our solution for this hassle is to offer two simple options that make it easy for both the customer and the company. You either have a card ran the day before the service or prepay for a years worth of treatment.

Get The Most Out Of Your ATL Lawn Care Treatments With These Best Lawn Practices:
By improving upon the basic maintenance techniques it is possible to hinder and sometimes stop completely the spread of pest and disease in a lawn. These are maintenance practices that give your lawn the best fighting chance. Have a proper soil test done so you have a baseline of what the lawn needs to thrive. Doing just this one thing can dramatically increase how your lawn looks. (This is included FREE in our Complete Coverage and Total Package programs) and is ($ 25 charge for the Basic program).

Have the lawn core aerated at least once a year to break down the disease festering thatch layer and to allow more oxygen and nutrients to get to the root system. (This is included FREE in our Complete Coverage and Total Package programs) and is an (EXTRA charge for the Basic program).

Water your lawn properly so that it receives an 1″ of rain per week. If you’re not sure how to perform this (Click here) (This is included FREE in our Complete Coverage and Total Package programs) and is ($ 25 charge for the Basic program).

At the most have your lawn mowed every days.
Cutting the grass more than this will only result in extra stress and easier pest and disease susceptibility. Make sure to keep the lawn mower blades sharp. If not the blades will just tear the grass.