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Why Choose Georgia Lawn To Take Care Of All Your ATL Lawn Care Needs?

Georgia Lawn is the company home owners trust to get the job done right the first time without having to hassle and complain a million times in a week just to get something proactive done about your lawn.


Basic Lawn Care Program – Seriously, Its Just Grass

This program is for you if: You cut your grass less than 2 times a month, Dont want to or dont have the means to water your lawn regularly. Hate mowing or paying for lawn service and see it just as a necessary evil so you wont be fined by the HOA. The treatments in this lawn treatment program wont win any awards but what it lacks in lawn envy it totally makes up for in bare bones price. For what you are getting there is no better deal out there. Unless there is a major issue that needs attention we won’t try and sell you any more services than you absolutely need.

What Comes With The Basic Lawn Care Option

 NPK Fertilization – Your Basic Building Blocks Are Covered

Just like in humans plant have basic feeding requirements in order to sustain life. Those are Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K). With these simple nutrients your grass will grow like it should. We have a formulated fertilizer that will not burn and make your grass grow like crazy all at once.

Basic Broadleaf Weed Control – Takes Care Of Most Non-Grassy Weeds You’ll See

Most of the weeds you see in your lawn are going to be lumped into a large sub category called “Broadleaf Weeds”. This group includes things like, American Burnweed (Looks like leafy pointy lettuce sticking up), Dandelions (The iconic yellow flower and puff ball), Canadian Thistle (The tough pointy flat one).

Basic Crabgrass Preventative – We all know Crabgrass

This stops most of your crabgrass from ever starting in the first place.

Fall pre-emergent

There are two seasonal cycles of weed growth in lawn care. Summer and winter weeds. This treatment will knock out the Winter weeds that start to germinate (sprout up) when fall hits and the temps start to drop.

Hard to Control Weeds NOT Covered – Dallis, Broomsedge, nutsedges, Kyllinga, emerged blue grass (poa annua)

Most weeds are easily controlled but there are some that require constant attention to get under control. With this program option there is an extra fee equivalent to your regular treatment price for every time we treat them.


Since the price for our basic program is set where its at we must charge for call backs and service calls. Otherwise we wouldn’t make any money at all and would not be able to offer this price or program at all in the first place. Don’t worry though 95% of our customers on this program never even needed a service call even when we did offer them for free.


Better lawn Care Program For Atlanta

All products in Basic program plus Hard to Control Weeds


Premium Lawn Care Program – I Want All Of It

Includes All Options from basic and step up programs and

Triple pass core aeration

Tree and shrub treatments




Soil amendments

Complete nutrient package


weeds covered

Common Questions New Customers Have About Our Atlanta Based Lawn Care Program

why have a lawn company

are your products safe

Do You Have An Organic Option

Can You Get Rid Of All Of The Weeds In My Yard?

This depends greatly on the types of weeds that are in your lawn to begin with. If it is filled with mostly annuals like crabgrass or burnweed then yes we should overtime be able to get your lawn looking great. If, on the other hand your lawn is full of Dallis Grass, Broomsedge or Purple Nutsedge this will be a much longer and more expensive process than simply spraying a little weed and feed killer on the lawn. These types of weeds are very hard to rid of perennial type weeds that come back year after year, even if you dig them up. Often in most cases the only way to keep them out is to continually pull them up or multiple seasons of roundup. How clean we can keep your lawn year after year is greatly dependent on the type of grass that you have. For example chamberbitter in fescue grass is a hard to control weed because it pops up later on in the year and if weed stopper (pre-emergent) is applied it interferes with fescue planting time in the fall resulting in spotty if any fescue sprouting. It is for this reason we can only spray the chamberbitter weed when it has popped up and is visible to the eye. This is sometimes frustrating to homeowners wanting a completely weed free lawn 100% of the time. Unfortunately this will be an issue with your lawn year after year if you continue to have fescue.

How Long Will It Take For My Yard To Look Good?

This greatly depends on the things that you or your landscaper do in between the times that we come spray and fertilize your Cumming home. Fertilizing and weed control are only a portion of the pie when it comes to having a great looking lawn. Correct mowing practices and watering practices greatly influence how your lawn looks.