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We Can Help With All Of Your Weed Control and Fertilization Needs.


When you call Georgia Lawn for your Atlanta lawn care needs. One of our trained technicians will treat your lawn areas with a specially-formulated spray or granular treatment that will both feed your lawn with fertilization and control weeds. A precise application of these products will be made with a special sprayer or spreader and all of lawn will get complete coverage to receive the full benefit of the treatment. After just 30 minutes of this application, it will be safe for all pets and household residents to come outside and play.


We’ll also take the time to inspect your lawn for active diseases,insects, drought or mower damage and then depending on your lawn care program option. We will either go ahead and take care of  problem or notify you that it is present and offer the service at an extra charge. Your technician will assist you in identifying possible problem areas such as breeding grounds for insects or fungus and will offer you suggestions for eliminating improving these areas on your property. At the end of this treatment, these and other notes will be placed on a special door hanger post-treatment. Our team will come back to your yard once every four to 8 weeks depending on the treatment program you are signed up for.


Each of the chemicals that we use in our treatment programs is selected for its safety and effectiveness. We try our very best to ensure only the amount of chemical absolutely needed is applied. If there is another way to solve the problem economically we will offer this solution as well instead of just blindly applying chemicals. For example teaching a client proper mowing technique can very dramatically improve grass health and will ward off infestations much better. This not only saves the customer money but it saves the environment from another chemical applied unneeded


Before each of your weed control and fertilization services we perform you will receive an email stating what day we are coming, what we are applying, how long to stay off, when or if to water and when to mow again, and to unlock your gate or put the dog up.  So long as your property can be accessed by our technicians, you can count on these professionals to get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible whether you are home or not.


One of the biggest hassles with lawn care is having to mail in a check, trying remember if you paid that bill already or getting bill reminders that your account is past due. We have fixed this inconvenience by offering two easy options that make it both convenient for you and efficient for us. You can either prepay for the whole years treatment schedule or have your card the day before service. We place a soft hold on the card the day before treatment to ensure there are no errors and to have ample time to notify you if there is an issue. This way you don’t miss treatments and enjoy your lawn worry free.

Get The Most Out Of Your ATL Lawn Care Treatments With These Best Lawn Practices:

It is possible to both mitigate and slow the spread of diseases and infestations like these by better controlling your  lawn care habits. Learning strategies for improving your lawns health can make a big difference to how it reacts to pests.

  • Have a proper soil test done so you have a baseline of what the lawn needs to thrive. Doing this simple thing can dramatically improve your lawns health (This is included FREE in our Fairway and Greens grade programs) and is ($25 charge for the In the Roughs program)
  • Have the lawn core aerated at least once a year to break down the disease festering thatch layer and to allow more oxygen and nutrients to get to the root system. (This is included FREE in our Fairway and Greens grade programs) and is an (extra charge for the In the Roughs program)
  • Water your lawn properly so that it receives an 1″ of rain per week. If your not sure how to perform this (Click here) (This is included FREE in our Fairway and Greens grade programs) and is ($25 charge for the In the Roughs program)
  • Mow the lawn once a week. Going any longer than this results in cutting off too much of the grass blade and causes unneeded stress in the plant opening it up to pests easier.
  • Keep your mower blades sharp. Otherwise you are just tearing the blades not cleanly cutting them.
  • Amend the soil so that there is a layer of quality topsoil that the lawn care more easily uptake nutrients, hold onto water longer, and combat compaction better. A great way to do this is by adding small amounts of organic matter after a core aeration has been performed. This better than adding a lot of matter at one time. (This is included FREE in our Fairway and Greens grade programs) and is an (extra charge for the In the Roughs program)
  • Prevent standing water from accumulating by fixing drainage, changing grade or drying agents
  • Don’t mow the lawn when it is wet as this causes compaction and ruts.


it seems like some lawn care companies are only at my house for 2 minutes or less, is Georgia Lawn like this?

While there are some unscrupulous companies out there in general it just doesn’t take that long to treat a typical lawn. With most of our equipment costing at least $1,000 some even over $10,000 we can apply efficiently in 3-6 minutes the same chemical it would take a homeowner over 30.  Just like you pay per gallon of gas not how long it takes to pump it out of the pump, our customers are paying for our knowledge, quality products and expertise in our field, not a certain amount of time. Most of the confusion comes from not “seeing” a technician in the back yard. This is usually due to the fact that everyone in our field is taught to start at the very back of the lawn and work toward the truck. This originated because of the big hose sprayers need to be pulled all the way out to output the proper volume and pressure from the pump.

Can You Get Rid Of All Of The Weeds In My Yard?

This depends greatly on the types of weeds that are in your lawn to begin with. If it is filled with mostly annuals like crabgrass or burnweed then yes we should overtime be able to get your lawn looking great. If, on the other hand your lawn is full of Dallis Grass, Broomsedge or Purple Nutsedge this will be a much longer and more expensive process than simply spraying a little weed and feed killer on the lawn. These types of weeds are very hard to rid of perennial type weeds that come back year after year, even if you dig them up. Often in most cases the only way to keep them out is to continually pull them up or multiple seasons of roundup. How clean we can keep your lawn year after year is greatly dependent on the type of grass that you have. For example chamberbitter in fescue grass is a hard to control weed because it pops up later on in the year and if weed stopper (pre-emergent) is applied it interferes with fescue planting time in the fall resulting in spotty if any fescue sprouting. It is for this reason we can only spray the chamberbitter weed when it has popped up and is visible to the eye. This is sometimes frustrating to homeowners wanting a completely weed free lawn 100% of the time. Unfortunately this will be an issue with your lawn year after year if you continue to have fescue.

How Long Will It Take For My Yard To Look Good?

This greatly depends on the things that you or your landscaper do in between the times that we come spray and fertilize your Cumming home. Fertilizing and weed control are only a portion of the pie when it comes to having a great looking lawn. Correct mowing practices and watering practices greatly influence how your lawn looks. Some lawns will look amazing after 1 or 2 treatments while others can take as long as 5 seasons.