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Residential Pest Control

Giving you PEACE OF MIND is our foremost goal. Our mission at US Pest Control Solutions is to assure you that you never need to wonder whether or not your home is properly protected from bothersome animals and insects. You can count on our pest control professionals to provide a treatment plan that is customized to the unique needs of your home and to implement this plan entirely at your convenience in order to create an enjoyable living environment that is both safe and pest-free.

Stink Bug Control

These are the bugs that smell when they get mushed. They will often over winter in your home, car or garage.

Preventing Stink Bug Problem Infestations

The best way to stop a Stink Bug Invasion is to stop it before it starts. The best way to do that is to seal up all of your cracks and crevices as good as possible in your home. This includes entry ways, windows and ducting.

Treating For Stink Bugs

If the stink has already began then the best way to control them is going to be with traps, insecticide repellent killer sprays and to remove entry ways.

Fire Ant Control

Fire ants are notorious for being stubborn and vicious pests.

If fire ants are disturbed, these aggressive and incredibly active pests often attack all at once, with each and every insect stinging repeatedly and with each sting delivering painful venom to the victim. Fire ants are capable of maiming and evening killing both humans and animals. Fire ants can make their homes in any place in your yard, where they could have a potentially devastating impact on barbecues and other outdoor events.

Fire ants currently infest over 260 million acres across the southern portion of the nation and this is a problem that is fast-spreading. There are over 40 million Americans who currently live in areas that are infested by fire ants in the southeastern part of the U.S. and between 30% and 60% of the people living in these areas are stung by these insects each and every year. A single mound, typically measuring approximately seven inches high and two feet in diameter, can hold in excess of 200,000 fire ants. While these ants are commonly found outside of the home, they can also enter residential properties via air conditioning and ventilation systems.

How We Treat Fire Ants

We suggest the use of fire ants gels or baits along with special products that are only accessible through licensed lawn care and pest control companies. In addition to eliminating existing mounds, our program can also minimize the likelihood of future fire ant infestations.

Bed Bug Control

Bed Bug Detection Services

We staff trained professionals who can detect bed bugs and eliminate them. In fact, the surest way to prevent a serious bed bug infestation is by having trusted professionals conduct routine home inspections for these insects. By catching invasive bugs early on, you can make it easier to get rid of them.

Treatments For Bed Bugs

Our strategy for bed bug treatment focuses on exterminating these insects as opposed to simply repelling them in one area of the property and ultimately forcing them into another. This strategy allows for comprehensive bed bug control: we use conventional methods as well as heat treatments for bed bugs so that insects in even the most hidden areas cannot escape.

Sleep Deeply And Bed Bug-Free!

If you have a fresh rash of itchy bites each time you wake up or have gotten complaints from your hotel customers, get in touch with US Pest Solutions right now. We can review your situation and if bed bugs are identified, we’ll help you get rid of these bothersome pests once and for all.

Rodent Control

It’s incredibly uncommon for properties to have just a single mouse or rat. Once mice are just five to eight weeks old, they are biologically ready to breed. Female mice can have as many as eight litters over the course of a single year with each litter containing between four and seven pups. Rats are ready to breed at just eight to 12 weeks off age and tend to have four to six litters annually, with each litter containing between eight and 12 pups. To accurately determine the magnitude of infestations and to arrive at the most effective treatment options, we perform comprehensive interviews with each client and survey property areas in which rodents are most likely to be nesting. Our team of technicians will look for evidence of rodents, choose the right techniques and tools and use their equipment wisely. After having established the target areas, baits and traps will be recommended.

Mice And Rat Traps

Options in rodent traps include glue boards, snap traps and mechanical traps. We position these devices in corners, along runways and under and behind different objects. Traps that have in-built rodent stations can prevent the smell of decay in places that are not easy to access.

Rodent Baiting

When circumstances allow, rodenticides may be recommended. This is a very effective form of pest control that exhibits a higher level of efficiency in certain environments. Our technicians know how to strategically use bait in order to quickly control rodents without exposing pets, children and non-target animals to these products. Call us now to find out more about these highly effective rodent services.

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