Terms & Conditions

1. Our office hours are 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. All schedule changes are made through the office.
2. If we have heavy rains during the week, our schedules will be rescheduled.
(We do NOT work on Sunday).
3. We will not treat your property in heavy rain or if we see heavy rain coming in the forecast. It is illegal for companies to apply certain products with rain in the forecast.
4. We observe national holidays and yards will be done a day earlier or later these weeks.

Cancellation Of Service:
1. Core aeration requires 2 workday notice prior to the date scheduled.
2. Total Lawn/Complete Coverage Programs carry a $500 early cancellation fee. If aeration has been performed before cancellation request full aeration amount will be charged to account or the refund amount. This goes for both the pay per treatment and prepay treatment options.

Untreatable Lawn and Shrub Pests/Disease
1. If there is a disease or insect infestation that can not be treated with a legal turf/shrub label chemical we will do the the best that we can with what legal chemicals we have access to. All requests for using illegal label products will be denied.
2. We will not be held liable for lawn/shrub damage incurred from said untreatable disease/pest infestation as a result of not being able to to use necessary illegal chemical.
3. Bermuda growing in shrub beds will be an ongoing process. This is especially true if bed material was laid on top of existing lawn area. We will not be able to completely eradicate the grass from the beds.

Total Lawn/Complete Coverage Programs
1. These programs do not provide mowing, landscaping, pruning or removal of material from the property. Both of these programs are chemical treatment programs only.

1. We expect full payment on invoices upon receipt.
2. All accounts over 30 days will begin accruing a $25.00 per month late charge fee.
3. All accounts over 30 days receive a notification letter. If there is no response, the account is continued delinquent to 45 days, service will be
discontinued and turned over to a collection agency. We will not resume the yard until the full amount is paid. When service is restored, we will require a check at the time of each
service or advance payment. We do accept all major credit cards.
4. If you service is spotted for non or late payment, when service is resumed there will be an extra charge to get your lawn back in maintenance
condition where necessary.
Returned Checks:
1. If your check is returned to us by your bank unpaid, there is a $25.00 returned check fee per check added to your account. You will receive a
courtesy call when we receive the returned check and a notification letter.
2. If there is no response and/or the returned check and fee is not paid with 10 days of notifications, charges will be filed.
3. If your check is returned to us for no signature, there is a $5.00 check fee added to your account.
4. If payment is not received within 60 days, a mechanical lien will be placed on the property.
1. We do not repair or replace damaged or broken sprinkler heads. Sprinkler equipment failure is not the responsibility of the lawn maintenance
crew, i.e. pop-ups that don’t return to the property position are equipment failure. Equipment installed and working properly should never be
damaged by lawn equipment. We will not take responsibility for sprinkler heads/system that are not installed property and as a result are
damaged by our equipment.
2. We will not take responsibility for any exposed wired, cables, electrical cables, etc. that are not installed property and are cut or damaged by
our equipment.
3. We are not responsible for foreign matter left on the lawn, i.e. toys, hoses, paper, etc.
4. We are not responsible for containing pets on your property. Our crews will make every effort to make sure gates are closed but will not assume
responsibility for your pets. Also, if there is a dog in the backyard on the scheduled service day and our crew feels threatened by the pet we will
not mow the backyard.
5. Finally, when our crew arrives at your property, please make sure all children and pets are inside so they are not exposed to any debris that may
be thrown from the equipment.

1.Payment is due at time of service in the form of credit card for pay per treatment & Core aeration services
2. Prepayment in full for all 8 treatments must be presented before 1rst treatment will be performed.

Georgia Lawn Inc. will not be held responsible for any damage to invisible fence, irrigations systems, television cable or electric lines
to lamp posts, outdoor lighting, etc. Fees to repair any damage will be responsibility of the customer. These lines can be marked by the contractor
who installed them. This service typically involves a nominal fee. The customer is responsible for the fee and contacting the contractor. The cost of
relocating lines will be responsibility of the customer.
Proposals may be withdrawn by us if not accepted within 60 days.